Apps on my Phone

Obviously everybody is playing pokemon go so I too jumped in to join the band wagon. But man, it is sure fun. Everybody is running from here to there especially when someone shouts that he/she has a sighting of some rare/legendary pokemon. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, everybody is just into it. (i did notice that more young adults are joining in. It could be that this was their childhood cartoon movie and now has come to life!). Although I don’t have any legendary pokemons yet, I do hope that it will come to me this week (**crossed fingers). So above I am sharing a video I found on youtube showing some of the rare pokemon that you can have or if you are lucky enough to get the needed egg to evolve your pokemon to the final stage. I must admit that I have several other games in my phone but this for sure has taken the most of my time to the point that I almost forgot the other games. So, if you have not yet tried pokemon go, better test in now. But be warned! It is simply addictive!

I downloaded this game when FIFA became very hot. And just like the real game, this app is also fun to play. Both available on the android and the iOS since I have this installed also on my Samsung phone. It is quiet interesting when you get to be the manager of a football team. You get to pick your players and who will be your lineup to battle your opponents. Though I am not an athlete guys but this game certainly made me think that I could potentially be one. Well, maybe just on the video game. haha!

Public administration and service once crossed my mind but the worries of thinking and solving the problem of others is just too troublesome. Good thing there is this game that allows me to test my skill in public governance. Yup, I am talking about SimCity Buildit. I did find some good tricks and cheatsĀ for the game, but I wanted to see if I can do it without the use of a trainer. And yeah, it is so much fun. Although I hate waiting for the building time to complete, still I managed to grow my population to millions and avail of new contents being added like this month update in time for the Rio Olympics!

I am not sure if there are still players grinding to upgrade their respective base since everybody seems to be focused on pokemon. But this game was once my addiction. Probably spent too much money for gems just to speed up upgrades. But I just keep wondering what’s next for COC and how would they counter the worldwide craze on pokemon. Many hard core fans are hoping that something big would come up just like the video above but it seems that most players have already reached the limit and has reach the point of boredom. Even my clanmates requested for a no war month since everyone else is busy with pokemon.

Build, Train and Conquer. Always a very good gaming strategy. Once only available on the PC. Now that this strategies can be applied on mobile devices, gaming has taken to a whole new level. Game of War: Fire Age is one good example that has taken this very strategy and back hard on gamers. I myself spend a lot on this game and usually play in more compared to COC.

It’s not a full list of the different apps on my mobile device but this games has surely kept me company on boring days. You might have better ones that what I have but hey, we are all in it for fun, right. For trainors for this new games, I get it from cheats world and they certainly have the latest. Of course older games are there like if you are looking for sims freeplay cheats for android 2016, then its the same place I get this awesome hacks. Go visit the site and you’ll see a video proof.

What apps do you have on your phone? Tell me about!